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10 Things We Love About June Mays’ Garden

A graduate of the English Gardening School, garden designer June Mays has tended to a small garden in Redmont since 1982.

Photography by Sylvia Martin

1 June makes the most of her space, fitting more than a dozen distinct garden rooms into an area the size of two city lots.

2 The garden features a variety of plants suited to both sunlight and shade to fill every space with flora and fauna.

3 Benches and chairs are strategically placed around the garden, offering visitors the chance to stay and soak in the surroundings. “I love having plenty of seats to lure people outside,” June says.

4 The trellis on the garden shed allows climbing plants to intertwine with the building softening its edges and integrating it with nature.

5 The garden offers sweets scents year-round. Honeysuckle, daphne, and sweet box blooms in the winter. Gardenias, roses, and ginger lily giving off aromas in the spring and summer months.

6 Zoysia grass paves the allée created by a row of cypress hedge and bank of oak leaf hydrangea. This path leads to the rambling stone walkways beyond.

7 June practically planted a whole forest of trees in one area. Varieties of Carolina silverbell, hemlock, sourwoods and more make up this wooded grove.

8 June under plants trees and shrubs with perennials to achieve a better balance with her arrangements.

9 Water features generate a gentle, alluring sound that enhances the tranquil feel of the garden.

10 June grows strawberries in front of the shed as perennial ground cover. This time of year, she also goes out each morning to get some for her cereal. “I share with the birds. There’s plenty enough to go around,” June says.

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